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Instructing Team

Our Instructing Team at Lee's Taekwondo Australia (LTA) are professional, experienced and welcoming. We are passionate about Taekwondo and helping students on their journey at LTA. Our team teach engaging, educational and practical martial arts classes for ages between 18 months and 80 years of age. LTA's Instructing Team regularly participate in training and development sessions to ensure the highest standard of martial arts instruction is provided.

Grand Master Stuart Lee

8th Dan

Master Kate

5th Dan

Lead Instructor Jarrod 

3rd Dan

Lead Instructor Clara 

2nd Dan

Lead Instructor Ella 

2nd Dan

Assistant Instructor Daniel

2nd Dan

Assistant Instructor Allyson

2nd Dan

Assistant Instructor Arianne

2nd Dan

Assistant Instructor Isla

1st Dan

Class Assistant

Brown Belt

Class Assistant

Brown Belt

Assistant Instructor Rowena

2nd Dan

Assistant Instructor Herlina

1st Dan

Class Assistant Emma

Blue Belt

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