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AGES 3-5


The LTA pandas are the youngest of the martial artists at the club.

This class involves a range of activities that are catered to the students age and abilities. These activities are designed to increase motor skill development, coordination, attitude development as well as listening skills.

Classes run with warmups, with basic running, simple exercises including star jumps, lunges, squats, side steps etc. As well as fun games! Main taekwondo activities include, kicking, blocking (hand strike form), self-defence. As students get more confident, they will be taught to hold kicking targets or punching mitts for each other, have fun with learning handstrike form sparring with pool noodles and also experience playing other games and sports like soccer for warm up and increase socialisation skills!

​Parents are welcome to come and watch classes as they run or have a go with their family/ children in the Family classes!

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